About Us

About Us

Auctions in Motion is an industry pioneer and leader in the vehicle remarketing world. We build independent auctions that cater to the specific client base with a boutique approach to business. Our clients enjoy first class service as well as all the benefits of doing business with one of the most reputable auction companies in the world.



Armed with over 16 years in the wholesale business, George Pero, Regional Managing Director of Auctions in Motion, put forth his mission to change the face of the auction business. Mr. Pero chose not to compete directly with the giants of the industry, instead he focused on what the giants were missing. A company at any stage of development will benefit from evaluation in the companies strategies, its markets, customers, competitors and opportunities. Pero considered the competitive landscape in all the markets but chose the road less traveled, providing Auctions in Motion with a path paved of milestones and innovation.

George Pero identified a need within the industry and designed a business model with seller based solutions. Auctions in Motion established new market opportunities and built independent dealer auctions known as “Mobile Sales.” The company launched its first ever Remote Mobile Sale in the Los Angeles area servicing the needs of one major client by conducting an auction at the client’s facility. This boutique approach to the brick and mortar norm caught the Southern California auto industry by storm.

Auctions in Motion has raised the bar by implementing a stringent business practice that is centered on customer service-one that isn’t satisfied with just satisfied customers, but a practice that creates ‘raving fans!’ Auctions in Motion continued exploration in customer satisfaction, both the customers preferences and unmet needs are paramount to George Pero, Auctions in Motion’s philosophy and the company’s competitive advantage. The key to innovation is not always found in its monetary investment, but instead lies in transformation of service, in the heart of the customer